Up to this day, humanitarian aid shipped by UAOH consist of inventory value of $ 4,089,536.95 Our Mission | UAOH

LOGO PNG NEWUAOH (Ukrainian American Operation Humanity) – was established in March 2015 with the purpose of providing humanitarian assistance to needy populations overseas through a systematic method of matching donors in the United States with vulnerable population groups overseas. Our initial focus of attention since creation has been to assist the victims of the current conflict in Ukraine. Our organization is a partnership of Ukrainians and Americans with the aim of combining talents and resources to help improve the lives and the living conditions of those less fortunate people struggling for mere existence.
UAOH has the capability to coordinate, arrange, and fund for the transportation of humanitarian assistance from the donor in the United States to the final destination of designated recipients oversea’s; to receive, clear customs, deliver, and distribute humanitarian commodities; and to provide press coverage and final reporting. UAOH has a working relationship with registered recipients in Ukraine and experienced assistance providers to ensure the all assistance reaches to intended beneficiaries.

Starting with Ukraine and in all countries our operations will be identical. UAOH is a non-profit organization with the sole objective of providing essential, emergency humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable population in each targeted country and to medical facilities providing health care to these vulnerable people. It is the goal of UAOH to provide humanitarian assistance by matching donors in the U.S. with the needy beneficiaries in targeted foreign countries. UAOH believes that the most needy populations include; children, the elderly, the disabled, refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and those suffering from conflicts and disasters. UAOH is dedicated to improving the living conditions of these most vulnerable by positively impacting their daily lives

UAOH was co-founded by Mr. Igor Shulyak, a Ukrainian citizen residing in Ukraine but currently the President of UA Global operating a business in New Jersey, and Gerald Oberndorfer, the former Director of Humanitarian Programs for Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia for the U. S. Department of State.

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Igor Shulyak

Igor Shulyak is a sole owner of III Star Freight Service, company founded and fully operational in Odessa Ukraine. In cooperation with the US Government program, since 1997 “III Star” carried out logistic services on professional level, by providing delivery services of humanitarian assistance in the territory of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. On December 31, 2014 US Program “USG Humanitarian Aid Transportation” came to the end, therefore in March 2015, in conjunction with Gerald Oberndorfer, it was decided to create a new program for assistance to the needy of the area.
In the first instance this program was based on the provision of assistance to Ukraine, in connection with the current situation. People are more than ever in the need of assistance and support. Mr. Shulyak wanted to contribute his support the people of Ukraine during this critical time.

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Gerald Oberndorfer

As the Director of Humanitarian Programs for the DOS, Jerry Oberndorfer has a long and successful career of providing humanitarian assistance to needy populations overseas with an emphasis on Eurasia and Central Asia.  From 1992 until retirement on 31 December 2014, he coordinated and managed a USG humanitarian program, Operation Provide Hope, that delivered over $5 billion in assistance to Eurasia and Central Asia.  Over 23 years, through his dedicated efforts, 1,001 airlifts and 24,728 surface shipments of food, relief supplies, medicines, medical equipment, and medical supplies were successfully delivered and distributed to needy recipients and institutions. Since retirement, he has made it a goal to continue providing this assistance through a private non-profit organization.

Our Volunteers

Iren Rossada

Graduate of Kiev’s Institute of Business and Technology
Financial Adviser
New Jersey

Alex Susoev

Owner of Oasis Logistic Company

Lev Shuliak

International Student Bergen Community College New Jersey

Nina Faynshtayn

William H. Hall High School Student