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Updates from a student blogger

This blog post will be quite different compared to some of my previous ones. It will be more of an update of what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months to help Ukraine, as well as what I hope to do in the future.
After creating a documentary and a website last April, I was able to get in contact with various non-profit organizations in the United States. After having several phone conversations, a few of the organizations seemed to stand out. The UAOH was, of course, one of them. They graciously gave me the opportunity to blog on their website, and I held a fundraiser in which I raised $200 for them, as well as collected 50kg of clothes, with my fellow peers, to donate for their orphan clothing project. I doubled the amount and sent $200 of my own money to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in order to benefit orphans, as well. Additionally, I became a member of the fundraising board for the Bridge to Ukraine Organization, and was recently appointed social media manager.
The whole experience of researching about Ukraine last year was eye-opening. I was able to interview a woman whose husband was hospitalized at Yale-New Haven Hospital after being wounded twice in Ukraine, the Superintendent of West Hartford Public Schools, who majored in Soviet Studies, as well as a college student who spent a year abroad in Russia. All of them gave amazing insights on Ukraine. I researched and read about 200 articles last year to fully understand the crisis in Ukraine from a variety of perspectives. All in all, it was definitely worth it because now I understand everything that’s going on, as well as the historical roots (even though it took several months).
I hope to continue helping Ukraine by staying involved with these amazing organizations, as well as by doing other things. I’m hoping to continue interviewing families and raising money for those in need. I recently found out about another man from Ukraine who is being treated in Connecticut, and I hope to reach out to him and his family. I founded a community group called “Ukrainian-American Global Ambassadors” which I hope will continue to  grow throughout the year. My hope is that we will be able to raise money for families in New England from Ukraine, especially those who are in need of medical treatment, and raise money for hospitals, schools, and orphanages in Ukraine (through the UAOH). In addition, I also want for the group to educate others about Ukraine, both about the crisis, as well as the cultural and historical significance of the region. This is also the reason why I hope to continue making short informative videos.  Last year, when I was being interviewed for an article on my town’s website, I wasn’t quite sure about what I wanted to pursue. Now, I’m certain that I want to go into both politics and medicine (a doctor can run for governor…). As a politician, I hope to be able to meet various people who are passionate about helping the United States, as well as other countries. As a physician, I hope to travel to developing countries, including Ukraine, to provide medical assistance, perhaps through a non-profit organization of my own. I would really like to travel to Ukraine sometime in the near future, and within the next couple of years, it may be possible.
I decided to update all of the readers out there about the types of things I’ve been doing, and to inform all of you that it’s possible for everyone to get involved! Another way to help is by donating because the UAOH would like to continue to help people, and it is only possible with the generosity of others.
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