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It’s been five years since Ukraine’s infamous Euromaidan protests began.

However, different protests now roam the streets. This past Wednesday, a KFC opened on the official anniversary of the start of the protests. Its location is within a building that served as a temporary hospital during the last days of the uprising, which defeated pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. During this time, the building was even gutted by fire.

Far-Right Protesters decided to crash the event, and six were arrested. People took fire on social media, criticizing how a fast food restaurant was placed in a location in which people fought for a free Ukraine. For many Ukrainians, this restaurant represents disrespect toward the lives lost during the protests.

Thursday, this restaurant decided to shut its doors temporarily. The U.S. company of KFC took no responsibility, as it claimed that it was the decision of the franchisee to choose this specific location.

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