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Seeking hope: Ukrainian soldier in the United States

I recently visited New Haven, Connecticut to meet with a wounded soldier from Ukraine. He’s completely blind in both eyes and is in need of eye surgery, as well as plastic surgery. He and his wife visited Mount Sinai Hospital to find out if there was any chance of him to heal. However, the damage is too extensive for traditional treatment. Their hope relies upon the possibility that at least one optic nerve is still in tact. For the past few months I’ve been putting together a short movie for them to send to medical trials across the country. Essentially, they are depending on me to provide a future. One where he can see. I’m a freshman in high school, and am aware of the fact that it is challenging to find a medical trial, let alone be able to become a part of one, but I am determined. Determined to save their happiness.

For this reason, I’ve had to sacrifice my blogging, however, I will proceed to write updates. If anyone knows any doctors or trials for blindness, please leave a comment below. Ukrainians are risking everything each day. Even now, with no news on the topic, people are consistently being wounded and killed. I will be posting the short documentary soon, so all I ask of you is to keep Alex and his wife in your prayers.

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