Up to this day, humanitarian aid shipped by UAOH consist of inventory value of $ 6,865,027.20 Project 010-FG | UAOH

Project 010-FG

Project 010-FG

Project 010-FG

Download final report:  pdf-icon-copy-minFinal Distribution Report 010-FG.pdf

For detailed inventory of this project, as well as, more details and information on distribution report, please contact info@uaoh.international.

Inventory donated by:               Fawn Grove
Inventory value:                          $286,481.66
Shipping paid by:                        Ukrainian American Operation Humanity
Received and Distributed by:   Charitable Organization “Way of Unity”

Big Thank you to Charitable organization “Fawn Grove” for this large donation of cloths, shoes and crisis kits.  This donation came at such a crucial time for people of Ukraine.  Your donation was delivered to foundation “Way of Unity” for further distribution.

Bozhlova Galina Anatolievna 09/01/15


We are a large family with 4 children, as well as 9 orphans that are under our care.  With current events we had to leave our home land located in Luhansk Region, we moved to Odessa without any belongings.  Everything we owned had to stay behind.  We are so thankful for the help we received, since we are left with no home, no food and not even simple essentials for life.  We are eternally grateful to those who answered our prayers.  Our family and others whom we share living space are touched by all the care and help we received from such far away land especially at such challenging times for Ukraine. See More Photos ->IMG_7111

Hospital of Mariopol City 12/15/15

Khabarovsk village council Sarata Region 11/20/15


Religious community Orthodox parish “Our Lady of Kazan” 09/17/15

NGO "Fire 2015" 10/22/15

"Charitable Foundation" Love and goodness 10/20/15

NGO "Handicap Kyiv" Iris 11/20/15

“Rehabilitation Center ‘Maidan Hospital’” 11/28/15

Organization of Veterans of Suvorov district 12/21/15

Personal needs volunteers 11/20/15

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