Up to this day, humanitarian aid shipped by UAOH consist of inventory value of $ 6,865,027.20 Project 006-HOH | UAOH

Project 006-HOH

Project 006-HOH

Project 006-HOH

For detailed inventory of this project, as well as, more details and information on distribution report, please contact info@uaoh.international.

Inventory donated by:               “Hands of Hope”
Inventory value:                          $180,081.71
Shipping paid by:                        Ukrainian American Operation Humanity
Received and Distributed by:   Charitable Organization “Way of Unity”

UAOH and partner NGOs in Ukraine would like to thank you for your kindness and support.  Medical Humanitarian Aid was shipped on 05/20/2015, delivered to Charitable fund “Way of Unity” on 07/23/2015

Children's City Clinical Hospital No.3

IMG_7447The Charitable Organization “Fund ‘Way of Unity'” is supporting the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No.3

We have to admit that the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No.3 in Odessa was  considered to be one of the best within the city hospitals. We are happy to provide help to children of our city, especially to those who need it above all. Moreover, we would like to bring your attention to orphans and those children with no parents, these children are living at the hospital and considered to be permanent residence. When you look into their eyes full of pain and tears, you can still see hope and anxiety, they have terminal illnesses and no family support. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside, but hospital administration and children in need thanks you for allowing us this opportunity to help them. A big thank you for your devoted work. See more photos ->


Rehabilitation Center 'Maidan Hospital'

IMG_7745Charitable Organization “Way of Unity” and “Maidan Hospital” would like to thank Ukrainian American Operation Humanity and charitable organization “Hands of Hope” for delivery of humanitarian aid to our foundation. “Maidan Hospital” has been regularly delivering aid to most needed in Lugansk and Donetsk regions. To date, with your help we have created a lot of programs that improve the lives of people who live in the territory of ATO. Together, we will try to help make lives of people in our country better!

Volunteers of “Maidan Hospital” loading humanitarian Aid donated by Hands of Hope for delivery in Lugansk .



State Hospital "Railroad State Hospital"

image-2b2a601fcef9c87086c7099c4e2bef9e97e0155e39bdb043ca4ae41f12949c99-Vimage-1e8268fc2c39ca31425daf3c4a0147a4185bee080a6545721e82835ea928c57b-Vimage-698e063c388fe76d5db767acf77286229885f6859f0fce76d68df01499add164-Vimage-994bb332fd175f24dd286f01113448930ff3de1aec953dc6aac07697bff4959b-Vimage-645f888d1a6927bbee029c46ebc41c5a663d721b7759788f9499bfec5393a9a0-Vimage-528426414071e4387e36e0494c0d5c99c2c516b8c5fa1b94c4d2e0fc07f2e19a-Vimage-ca99b5afc60356dabe94f3a7eb077f0cef99c5781eead62e58a744e81f87d34c-V image-b9548da60c87b8be929da2faf9f45877e56b54189b069ed88262677a54295af5-V

Clinical Sanatorium "Odessa"


Pyrohov Clinical Sanatorium


Disabled residents of Belyaevsky Area


Oleg A. Dubin Augustow,  the deputy of Augustow village council contact our organization “Fund Way of Unity” with a long list of disabled people residing in his region.   Most of the applications with request for simple medical supply has been unanswered for years.  Therefore, Mr. Dubin took action in to his own hands and applied to “Fund” Way of Unity for humanitarian assistance for individuals in need. For those who in urgent need of assistance, together with Oleg A. Dubina (deputy of Augustow village council) we decided to create a program of assistance for Belyaevsky region.

On images below – Vitaliy, who has been disabled for all his life. We are happy to help Vitaliy who has been requesting and waiting in line to receive a wheelchair for 3 years. He hasn’t been able to do simple functions like go outside or move throughout his house without an assistance. We got a lot of pleasure communicating with him as he is pretty smart and sociable.



We are very pleased that in such a difficult time, there are people who care about the fate of their fellow villagers. Together, we will help the people who are most in need of assistance – pensioners, large families and the poor.





Odessa Regional Oncology Center

Charitable Organization "Foundation of St. Mary"

City Clinical Hospital №11

Odessa regional organization of the Red Cross

Odessa Regional Clinical Medical Center

Odessa Regional Medical Foundation - Health Odesa

Patriot service "Love thy neighbor"

"Save the sailors" 'Assol'

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