Up to this day, humanitarian aid shipped by UAOH consist of inventory value of $ 6,865,027.20 Project 005-SH | UAOH

Project 005-SH

Project 005-SH
Stella's House Project

Project 005-SH

Download final report:  Final Distribution report 005-SH.pdfpdf-icon-copy-min

For detailed inventory of this project, as well as, more details and information on distribution report, please contact info@uaoh.international.
Inventory donated by:               Elena Barlow
Inventory value:                          $128,254.44
Shipping paid by:                        Ukrainian American Operation Humanity
Received and Distributed by:   Charitable Organization “Way of Unity”

We can not find words to thank her and her friends for this large donation.  Elena has single-handedly collected funds and purchased all needed supplies to be shipped to Ukraine.

Humanitarian Aid Donated by Stella's House (Elena Barlow)

Shippment 1Shippment 3On the photos you could see: Humanitarian aid prepared for shipping to Ukraine.  




Charitable foundation “Way of Unity” would like to thank UAOH and Elena Barlow for such large donation a 40 foot container to Ukrainian refugees and Children’s Hospital in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has resulted in many destroyed homes and medical supplies are running low.  Elena with many of her supporters has donated such needed supplies of mattresses and beds as well as other necessities.  Elena’s goal is to raise $8,000.The money will be used to buy more pallets of medical supplies and 30 new beds and mattresses. Your support for her project would be greatly appreciated.

Charitable Foundation "Way of Unity" received Project-005SH on 08/05/15

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ASOL Charity Organizatio

Supervisory board, board of directors and staff members of the Charity Organization “Sailors Support Foundation ‘Asol’” express profound gratitude to

Elena Barlow and UAOH 

for providing socially vulnerable groups under Asol’s protection with humanitarian assistance.

Your commitment to efficient work serves as an example of a proper person in a charity, as well as a caring and truly humane person, which is highly appreciated and needed in the modern world.

We hope for the prospect prolific cooperation aimed at social problems solving of our fellow citizens and support of Ukraine in its steady development on personal, national, and international levels in order to become a wealthy, democratic, and confident state.

We wish you all the best, for all the good work you do, let it all return to you and your family a hundredfold!

Chairperson of the Board of the Charity Organization
Hanna Muruhova
“Sailors Support Foundation ‘Asol’”


Orthodox religious community “Our Lady of Kazan”(11/02/15)

The charitable organization “Fund Way of Unity” together with religious Orthodox parish”Our Lady of Kazan” helping Children’s Home (orphanage) under “Ukrainian-American humanitarian program”

DSCF9579DSCF9595DSCF9572DSCF9578 (2)DSCF9566DSCF9584

NGO “Parent Glory”(08/14/15)

"Center for settlers and combatants ATO" Odessa - mama "(10/20/15)

NGO "Vatra-2015"(10/20/15)

Public organization "Children of the Third Millennium" (11/0215)


Official "Road Hospital state enterprise" Odessa railroad "(11/09/15)

image-1e8268fc2c39ca31425daf3c4a0147a4185bee080a6545721e82835ea928c57b-Vimage-645f888d1a6927bbee029c46ebc41c5a663d721b7759788f9499bfec5393a9a0-V image-ca99b5afc60356dabe94f3a7eb077f0cef99c5781eead62e58a744e81f87d34c-Vimage-528426414071e4387e36e0494c0d5c99c2c516b8c5fa1b94c4d2e0fc07f2e19a-Vimage-b9548da60c87b8be929da2faf9f45877e56b54189b069ed88262677a54295af5-V

Municipal institution "Children's hospital №3»(11/20/15)


Rehabilitation Center ‘Maidan Hospital’

11233578_492663930906704_5932075250815718403_oCharitable Organization “International Charitable Foundation “Rehabilitation Center ‘Maidan Hospital’ See More -> 

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