Up to this day, humanitarian aid shipped by UAOH consist of inventory value of $ 6,865,027.20 Project 004-FG | UAOH

Project 004-FG

Project 004-FG
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Project 004-FG (05/06/2015)

Download final report:  pdf-icon-copy-minFinal Distribution Report 004-FG.pdf

For detailed inventory of this project, as well as, more details and information on distribution report, please contact info@uaoh.international.

Inventory donated by:               Fawn Grove 
Inventory value:                          $283,512.24
Shipping paid by:                        Ukrainian American Operation Humanity
Received and Distributed by:   Charitable Organization “Future of Ukraine”

Ukrainian American Operation Humanity would like to thank all at Fawn Grove, for their kindness and generosity.
In cooperation between UAOH and Fawn Grove, with help of charitable organization “Future of Ukraine” we were able to supply hundreds of children, senior citizens and countless refugees in Ukraine with the most needed clothing and shoes.

On May 8th, 2015, UAOH received a donation of a full container of winter shoes and clothing, which were successfully received by FOU in Ukraine on June of 2015.

Odessa Regional Organization of the Red Cross (07/13/2015)

Odesa Regional Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine

Since 1918 the Ukrainian Red Cross Society have been providing assistance to the refugees and prisoners of war, caring for disabled and orphaned children, struggling with famine and epidemics, and supporting those in need through the difficulties and harsh circumstances. It is a participant of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which is aimed at protecting life and health and at ensuring respect for the human being. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace amongst all peoples.

Odesa Regional Organization of the Red Cross Society in particular encompasses around 540 volunteers including 300 people taking part in the events and 240 workers on a regular basis helping a visiting nurse care. Among volunteers there are also retired doctors and medical workers, youth, and students.

Orthodox Religious Organization " Lady of Kazan" (07/15/2015)

Humanitarian assistance was brought to the “Lady of Kazan”. Their representatives thank for help in such a сhallenging time and look for better future together.

Charitable Organization "Foundation Love and Virtue" (07/14/2015)

The UAOH assistance program gave a significant success in organization’s activity providing a basis for further development and active assistance for citizens, indigent in help.

Tarutinskij Regional administration of "Regional Center of Social Services" (07/24/2015)

IMG_6799Social Service of Tarutino has received humanitarian assistance from the «Fund ‘Way of Unity’».

Volunteers of the Charitable Organization «Fund ‘Way of Unity’» have visited the Community-based Social Service Center in the urban-type village Tarutino…

See More ->

Subsidiary PYROHOV "Clinical Sanatorium" (07/31/2015)


Ukrainian American Operation Humanity
President – Gerald Oberndorfer

We would like to express our profound gratitude for your dedication in regards to your kind assistance and help provided to our Sanatorium during these challenging times.

Currently our personnel are responsible for care of the internally displaced people from Luhansk and Donetsk. These vulnerable people are legally incapable and physically challenged and are in great need special help and support. Thank you for helping our citizens, especially through these hard times, when Ukraine needs humanitarian assistance the most.

Director of the Subsidiary
Araik Pohosian

International Charitable Foundation" World to help Children" (07/31/2015)


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, Jerald Oberndorfer, for the help you are giving to temporarily displaced Ukrainians.

They are small children who suffered from severe fate. You can see the pain of loss and grief in their eyes. They need kindness and warm words.

Many families are left on the street without money and clothes. Therefore, at this difficult time they really need humanitarian assistance.

We look forward to a brighter future, and together we will overcome adversity.

Rehabilitation Center "Maidan Hospital" (07/03/2015)

The history of the formation of the Charitable Organization “ICF” Rehabilitation center “Hospital of the Maydan” is not replete with romantic details.

Just a few  gathered like-minded friends came together and decided to create a team to make the mental realization of classical principle – “we must do something and do something real.”

They have decided to lend a helping hand to sick children. The purpose was simple and rather banal as it seems at first sight – just to help and really help, not help the planet but a particular child. There are also many programs that are implemented – is to help the soldiers being in the ATO zone and returning home, the families of displaced people, sick children affected by the consequences of war in eastern Ukraine. EO “Fund Way of Unity” helped resort “Arcadia”, State Border Service of Ukraine, the humanitarian aid was provided in the form of medical equipment, hygiene kits and clothing for displaced families, sick children affected by the consequences of war in eastern Ukraine .

Charitable Organization "Save the sailors" "ASSOL" (08/03/2015)


Supervisory board, board of directors and staff members of the Charity Organization “Sailors Support Foundation ‘Asol’” express profound gratitude to Gerald Oberndorfer

For providing socially vulnerable groups under Asol’s protection with humanitarian assistance.

Your commitment to efficient work serves as an example of a proper person in a charity, as well as a caring and truly humane person, which is highly appreciated and needed in the modern world.

We hope for the prospect prolific cooperation aimed at social problems solving of our fellow citizens and support of Ukraine in its steady development on personal, national, and international levels in order to become a wealthy, democratic, and confident state.

We wish you all the good works you do for the sake of charity return to you and your family a hundredfold!

Volunteer's Personal Needs (08/07/2015)

DiplomaAwarded Mr. Gerald Oberndorfer

Leaders of Ukrainian patriotic association “Volunteer Movement of Ukraine” would like to express their sincere gratitude to you for the active participation and significant contribution to the construction of an independent country Ukraine during the antiterrorist operation and assistance to fugitives and displaced persons from the Crimea and the eastern region of the country. Despite the fact that your life’s journey encountered many difficulties, you saved the sincerity of heart, faith in justice, kindness and optimism, humanity and decency. We hope and believe that our close cooperation will be the key to the future of high achievements and accomplishments for the benefit of people and the integrity of Ukraine.

Chairman of the Board
“Volunteer Movement of Ukraine”

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