Up to this day, humanitarian aid shipped by UAOH consist of inventory value of $ 6,865,027.20 Project 002-JKJ | UAOH

Project 002-JKJ

Project 002-JKJ
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Project 002-JKJ (04/13/2015)

pdf-icon-copy-minDownload final report: Final Distribution report 002-JKJ.pdf

Inventory donated by:                Churches of Christ (Ukraine Missions)
Inventory value:                           $139,054.00
Shipping paid by:                         Igor Shulyak and UA Global Inc.
Received and Distributed by:    Charitable Organization “Way of Unity”

For detailed inventory of this project, as well as, more details and information on distribution report, please contact info@uaoh.international.

John L. Kachelman, Jr.Churches of Christ, Ukraine Missions, THANK YOU, please keep up your good work.  Together with UAOH we can help thousands of people in need.  With your support and kind donations every day we make life of so many Ukrainians survivable.

Second container of medical supplies, clothes and other life important necessities, received from Church of Christ, Ukraine Missions and shipped to Ukraine on April 14th, 2015. So many organizations, hospitals, senior citizen’s Homes and children’s homes wish to express their gratitude for your generosity.

Rehabilitation Clinic of Security Service of Ukraine “Odessa”

IMG_7122Security Service Rehabilitation Clinic of Ukraine “Odessa” is a general recreation center.  Clinic offers treatment to veterans of armed forces returned from the hot spots in Luhansk and Donetsk regions.  During stay at the clinic patients receiving medical and rehabilitation treatment services as well as other services. See More Photos ->


Charitable Foundation of Saint Protecting Veil (09/14/15)

The Charitable Organization “Fund ‘Way of Unity’” together with the Charitable Organization “Charitable Foundation of Saint Protecting Veil” under the “Ukrainian-American Humanitarian Program” jointly with American Charity Fund “Ukrainian American Operation Humanity” are providing humanitarian support among the members of armed forces in ATO zones and people effected by combat actions on the East of Ukraine. See More Photos ->

Clinical Sanatorium "Pirogov" (08/21/15)


Children's City Clinical Hospital No.3 (08/07/15)

The Charitable Organization “Fund ‘Way of Unity'” is supporting the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No.3

We are proud to admit that the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No.3 in Odesa is considered to be one of the best city’s hospitals. We are happy to provide help to children of our city, especially to those who need it above all others – those are the children receiving medical treatment. Moreover, we would like to drag your attention to orphans and those children with no parent care who are living at the hospital. When you look into their eyes full of pain and tears,e and anxiety.

We can admit that all the children in the hospital are well-conditioned as the personnel of the hospital are looking after them as though they are members of their families. We were not allowed to take pictures of these children due to certain reasons but we are glad to say we were surprised by the cleanliness of the premises, caring for those who need constant help, and by commitment of the personnel. All the hospital rooms are clean and cosy.

Everything is done for the comfort stay in the health institution. The Chief Physician Elena Artemova and her personnel deserve great merit for the achieved atmosphere in the hospital. A big thank you for your devoted work.
See more photo ->

IMG_7436IMG_7444IMG_7437IMG_7443 IMG_7447

Odessa Regional Oncology Center (08/06/15)

Belyaevskiy District Primary Health Care Center (08/06/15)

bilyaevskiy gramotaAdministration and personal of Belyaevskiy District Primary Health Care Center wishes to express their gratitude to NGO “Way of Unity and UAOH, as well as all support donors for all donations and medical supply. During these hard times for our nation, it is a pleasure to know there are so many that help Ukraine.  We thank you all for all the medical supplies that will save so many lives.


"Clinical Medical Center" Odessa Regional (08/28/15)

gramota odesskiy oblasnoi zentr

Administration and personal of Clinical Medical Center of Odessa wants to thank Church of Christ and John Kachelman Jr in cooperation with NGO “Way of Unity” and “UAOH” for supplied humanitarian aid.

We highly appreciate your involvement in supporting Ukraine during this struggle and this would not be possible without active help from organizations like yours.

Iuzhne City Council of Veterans in Odessa Region (08/12/15)

gramota viteranov ukrainiThank you very much for the humanitarian aid you have provided to us. We appreciate the help you provide to the veterans and residents of our country in these hard times. We hope that you will continue providing humanitarian aid to our people in the future.  We are taking care of our city residents.  Currently we have 1896 people that receive support from us. That number includes: veterans, people with war related disabilities, disabled, children of war and active military personnel.

Charitable Foundation “Victor Shcheglov” (08/14/15)

ICF "Parent Glory" (08/12/15)

Charitable Organization "Foundation of St. Mary" (08/25/15)

Specialized Odessa sanatorium "Salute" (08/14/15)

Sanatorium "Odessa" (08/25/15)

Clinical sanatorium "Arcadia" (08/26/15)

Charitable Foundation “Rehabilitation Center ‘Maidan Hospital’ (08/27/15)


"Red Cross Society of Ukraine" (09/02/15)

Regional Medical Foundation "Health Odessa" (09/11/15)

"Odessa regional center of emergency medical care and health disasters" (09/10/15)

Orthodox religious community coming of Our Lady of Kazan (09/17/15)

NGO "Medical Corps" (09/22/15)

Charity organization "Save the sailors" Assol " (09/22/15)

State Border Service of Ukraine Southern Regional (10/08/15)

NGO "Vatra-2015" (10/14/15)

Way of Unity 10/14/15

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